‘Recovery’? In what sense?

This is a recovery for the few who least need it. This is a recovery through profiteering by exploitation, achieved and sustained (for now) by requiring the majority to feel insecure on every level and in every sphere of life, so much so that they will fall obedient and grateful.

Recover: Late Middle English (denoting a means of restoration): from Anglo-Norman French recoverie, from recovrer ‘get back’ (OED)

Get back.. what? To what? – A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength? Really? What, back to the way the country and the world was being – is still being run? On reckless ignorance? This is not a normal, healthy state. It’s just a nasty habit. When so much is now being undermined by political socio-economic malaise and elitism, is the integrity of our structures, systems and collective psyche seriously expected to endure? Don’t make me laugh… Neoliberal/neoclassical proponents are treating our socio-economic dis-ease by making everything more complex. This is not a recovery in the sense of making something better. This is just getting back to the conditions that set up all our crises in the first place. Why on earth would anyone want to get back to that state of affairs beyond those few who are willing and able to profit by it.

This is a recovery in the sense of the crony elites regaining a dropped ball – more in the sense of hasty salvage; panicked restoration. Restoration of an exposed and crumbling edifice that is being treated as though it were a treasure of world heritage, worthy of careful conservation. This is The Powers That Be telling us to be patient and blindly accepting of TINA while they keep us on life support long enough to harvest our organs. Austerity, just to keep feeding a cruel, wasting disease. In Britain it’s the ‘long-term economic plan’…

This recovery is superficial and temporary because it’s being built on double down entrenchment: by growing hegemony and bubbles; with conflict over ideas, values, boundaries and resources. By increasing poverty and serfdom and by a bit of superficial tinkering, here and there, as an appeasing pretence at concern. That is: the minority, as individuals, nation blocs or corporations, thriving on the planet’s bounty, at the expense of the environment, ecosystems, nations, people and ideas. And they are doing this by domination through fear, intimidation and avarice as the lazy, expedient shortcuts of petty, feudal imagination. Perhaps the process of removing or extracting an energy source or industrial chemical for use, reuse, or waste treatment is the best defining sense.

It took us decades – centuries if you prefer the long-term view – to get into this mess, so, although it won’t be quick, we can recover, in the sense of get better. And we can get back, restore, retrieve – or, indeed, establish, for the first time – a practical wisdom to support our desire and absolute need for integrity, ethics, justice and dignity. It’s just that we must recognise first how much of our financial systems, economic mechanisms and the attitudes that created and so desperately maintain them, are the enemies of Democracy and Life, itself. Such foes are not, cannot be, don’t want to be and should not be allowed to be the agents of any meaningful and sustainable change.



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