Champions of serfdom

David Cameron and his Con Party’s latest wheeze to appease the I’ll-only-pay-for-mine brigade is that the unemployed young ‘should do community work’.

The scam, sorry – “scheme” requires NEETs to do around 30 hours a week of mandatory community work and, for this, they will be paid the Youth Allowance, a brand spanking new branding of JSA , at £57.35 a week. The types of jobs? “Making meals for older people or working for local charities, alongside 10 hours of job hunting.”

A forty hour week for £57.35? That’s £1.43 an hour! And will they be sanctioned for the slightest slip? Probably, I reckon, don’t you?

But, there are either jobs available to do or there are not. Making meals for older people and other community work sound like real jobs to me. And real jobs should pay an hourly rate that at least respects the worker’s time if it cannot reflect his or her experience. And a full-time job should supply a wage a person can live on.

Cameron says “what these young people need is work experience and the order and discipline of turning up for work each day.” Experience aside, as that is about time and opportunity and everyone starts out needing that, if a young person has managed to get to school each day for years and stay there, then community work to instil order and discipline is really insulting them.

“From day one they must realise that welfare is not a one-way street. Yes, we will help them, but there is no more something for nothing. They must give back to their community too.” – NEETs are to be assumed as ‘scroungers’ and punished for it – just in case.

The Government seems conveniently to forget that, from the age of 18, these young people are adults under UK Law. But, then, this government is desperately trying to preserve neoliberalism so it is battling against Democracy in order to champion serfdom and where better to reinforce it as a cultural shift than by abusing the least experienced..?


4 thoughts on “Champions of serfdom

  1. I’m bloody furious about this, l trained at uni to become a legitimate youth and community worker. I then went on to train how to teach part time youth workers. What the fuck is Cameron doing deciding any one without a job can carry out this sensitive and essential work? Further who will pay for the CRB checks or does child protection not matter. I’m LIVID.

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