pots and kettles

pots and kettles locked
in a mirrored box
out of their spouts
in a stream of steam
ever keen
it would seem
to materialise
the reflected splinters
in opponents’ eyes
all bothered and hot
passing buck
with each shot
replicating accusations
in a blow-back
ad hoc
tic tac


One thought on “pots and kettles

  1. Well, it’s election time. Won’t it be nice when it’s over?! Even the HSBC story today produced a Channel 4 News interview in which the Tory blamed Labour (it happened on your watch and we’ve put it right) and Labour blamed the Tories (Oh no it didn’t, we did this, or that, or something else – and Oh no you haven’t). In vain did Jon Snow cry, “But nobody’s gone to jail!” But I’m wrong: it won’t be nice when it’s over – things’ll be just the same as they are now, whoever wins.


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