then there’s money

Well, there’s money
then there’s money, Honey –
and spent it all –
It’s funny, really, Darling,
how it readily exchanges
where the sun don’t even shine
– and yet it burns away alarming –
Whereas, further down the line,
it’s hard to earn for love or time
but we’ve got coffers full
for cock and bull:
there’s cash to splash on proxy agents,
business trips for entertainment,
decadent engagements
with a myriad of lobbyists.
We’ve subsidies for corporatists
and Public Service hobbyists;
there’s lashings for a futile folly;
empty democratic jollies;
funds for training frenemies
and spying arbitrarily on each
and any citizen.
And war, we can afford,
of course
but, then,
there’s always funds for killing
in the kleptocratic willing
– economic or blood-spilling –
Just there isn’t any money
for the People, any more.


Oh, pour me a gin, mother dear
I’m in need of its numbing respite
For the thought of another five years
Of this neocon tripe
With its sycophant shite
Makes my poor spirit weary with fear
Quickly! Pour me another one, please
For the cartel of thieves
And the wealth they’re accruing
By Dave’s Road to Ruin
Will fix our undoing, it’s clear
Oh, just pass the whole bottle
I’ve senses colossal
To drown in the liquid of tears


The Powers That Be
oh, something
or other
and loose
utterly vital
and, just as often,
absolutely nothing
– zip –
of any goodly use
or even of particular meaning
at all,
in order to make
or other
seem far more
than it actually is
or to shrink what really matters
into insignificance
with yet another
desperate bucket of blah, blah, blah
to smother
veritable gaps
and confuse
in pursuit of
a wealth of false economies
and self-preservation –
but, collectively,
we know this,
so, to bear it any longer
would be ridiculous.