Dear Call-me-Dave

It’s not you;
It’s me.
We want different things
In Life
And mine is complicated
And, truly,
I just don’t deserve you
So it’s better if you
Let me go.
I don’t think so
But you’ll thank me
In the end
Because, actually,
It isn’t me;
It’s you –
It’s who you are
And what you stand for
You can change?
How, if it’s every single thing
You say and everything you do?
It’s quite bizarre
To see how far removed
From all reality
You try to be;
How seriously pained
You act
At the merest whiff
Of counter-claim
As if sound contradictions
Were waaay too ‘radical’
And facts some kind of
Insurgent terror.
And I know
That all I see in you
Are low, unnecessary errors
And I can’t afford to be
In your in this together
As, without a doubt,
I do deserve much better.

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