Renationalise our stuff!

From Railways to the NHS
From ‘Royal’ Mail to ‘British’ Gas
To Water and the Leccy,
Geriatric Care, Detention Centres,
Children’s Homes,
Probation, Prisons, Student Loans
Now profit zones…

Renationalise our stuff!
Give it back to us,
You idiots!
We’ve had enough!
It’s take, take, take
By corporations on the make.
They bleed us dry
And cry like helpless babies:
“Please incentivise us.. Maggie!
Blair [then] David – maybe even Ed”

Invested powers thus oblige
Accountability set aside –
The ‘National Interest’ duly bled.

Competition gives you choice?
It brings the prices down?
You’re having a laugh!
Consumer voice?
Tsk – don’t talk with your mouth full.

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