Show me a leader

Show me a ‘leader’ who looks like a leader,
For I see no leaders round here
I’ve looked hither and thither,
But dither and slither
Is all they can offer my eyes and my ears

Oh, show me a boss who is not full of dross
For I see only piffle and fear
I’ve sought hard for a card
Who is not just a shard
And yet nary a one has appeared

Oh, do show me a skipper who isn’t a trickster
And isn’t connectedly reared
I’ve searched paper and screen
And the prospects I’ve seen
Are from one team that lends peer-to-peer

Oh, show me a principal who has some principles
That I can honestly cheer
For the ones with a ghost
All deserve to be toast
And the credible ones are kept clear

Oh, please show me a kingpin who isn’t a staged thing
A charlatan, puppet or Lear
For the zombies and crazies
Still picking the daisies
Should surely have been pushing them up for years!

Oh, please

Show me a leader who knows that s/he needs
More than circus-spun bread and stale beer
One whose wisdom and vision
Slays neocon schisms
And leads the way up, out of here



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