Oh, Patrony!

Oh, Patrony!
What is my market value –
My commercial worth?
Am I a cost-effective?
What say you, mein dear electeds?

Do I serve a purpose
You can use?
Can I choose?

Is there any point in having character,
Ambition; even dreams?
Oh, my patricians!
Should I exercise contrition?

Do you advise I lose the attitude,
Replace it with some gratitude
And learn to scream my misery
Into a thick, dark silence?

Pay enough and maybe I will try…

Are you buying me
For just my time?
Is that my only USP?
Am I allowed to fulfil me
Or is my duty first
To those who thirst for punishments
By righteous indignation?
Should I make oblations
To the system you insist is working?
Would you have me twerk obedient
And be expedient stock?

Can’t I have a shot at more than
Muddled, puddle-deep criteria
Of top-down fuelled hysteria
That fixes me upon your chopping block?

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