You can’t just say ‘Democracy don’t work’
When you won’t shift your lazy arse to vote.
You cannot say your vote don’t count
When you’re not part of the amount.
You can’t complain the system’s broke
When your complacent history
Built an apathy
That keeps small vested fires stoked
And knee-jerk causes birthing through the filthy smoke.

Democracy is choking on your bottleneck effect
And you can’t bring yourself to just show up
And mark your cross?
Not even to spoil your ballot?
And you wail ‘they’re all the same’
And wonder how to make them give a toss!

You’re having a laugh, aren’t you?
Whose loss are you cutting
With your childish game?
Do you seriously think
The democratic deficit will shrink
By your surrender?
Don’t you know Democracy decays
In no small part
By your abstention?
Can’t you see
The Powers That Be
Find profit in your hopelessness
And woeful inattention?


Yeah, yeah,
You’re disillusioned,
Disappointed and disdainful –
Join the club!
Well, yes,
Of course it’s painful and uncertain
And the current crop is tedious grim
But how do silent pencils guarantee
The change you’d have rung in?
If you pretend you’re only small
And keep abstaining
Like it’s some dramatic protest
Or romantic cause,
The chances are the vesteds
Will select for you a future
That has no concern for your interests
At all.

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