Hush little people

Hush, little people, don’t say a word,
Papa’s gonna polish another turd.

And if that polished turd don’t shine,
Papa’s gonna bullshit a strawman line.

And if that strawman line don’t work,
Papa’s gonna flex with a dumb knee jerk.

And if that dumb knee jerk goes awry,
Papa’s gonna make new Law on the fly.

And if that Law on the fly’s unpicked,
Papa’s gonna obfuscate out of it.

And if that obfuscation’s mocked.
Papa’s gonna conjure a false flag shock.

And if that false flag shock ain’t bought
Papa’s gonna buff some new shit, of course!

And if that buffed new shit falls flat
You’ll still belong to Papa and his magic hat!


2 thoughts on “Hush little people

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