Answers on a postcard, please

How d’you like your politics
And governmental policies
Of democratic choice?
Scribbled on old envelopes?
Or on a pack of cancer sticks?
Or should it be the richest
With the clout to make the loudest noise?
Perhaps you like it dribbled out
By “spokesmen who cannot be named”
And subsequently nibbled over
By a pushy Mainstream Press?
Or better yet the broadcast news –
They’re excellent at framing views!
Or, what about the really sly,
Like “stories that you may have missed..”?
And those whose votes appease a crony status quo
For blatant lack of courage or integrity or wit?
Or how about we all rely on latent use of hue and cry?
Or do you much prefer it when the Regime just insists?
Apparently Democracy is all about the voice of We
So where is it supposed to fit?
Your answers on a postcard, please.

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