Politalists and journalicians

The next round of misplaced vitriol
And the same old tired, dumb insistences –
The concentrated concern for career
And petty party interests.
Craftsmen disingenuous, with crude revisions
Rush to squeeze and squander opportunity
With the bull of antiquated rhetoric, so full of steering fear
Selective ears and frozen vision.

Among the echelons,
The win-win bonds of established collusion
Build concentric barriers to power;
And, even as the snake oil smoulders on the ruins
Ivory tower thinks to offer like’s illusion –
Conceives itself thoughtful, generous;
Unmatched in intellectual sense,
Regardless of all consequence

Well, no one needs your false humility
Nor your feigned pain and hurried missives.
And no one cares for your palpable relief
Nor the dismissive glad-you’ve-come-to-your-senses
Paternalism that only you would miss and crave.
Take your relayed statements and circular, vacuous promises –
Nobody needs your echo chamber here but you
For no one Real believes in you and even less in what you say for fear of what you’ll do.


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