Recommendum (#indyref)

Oh, Scotland!
I could say
don’t go!

Oh, I could tell you
you are loved
more than you know;
that we share in
Common foes;
that we despise the same
unkind and wilful blind politicos;
that I have also had my fill
of socio-economic blows
that rope me to an all entropic State –
whose fears create to kill my dreams
and dash my modest hopes;
that we, together,
all in –
all the way –
could fight for better
and that no one’s really independent
anymore, anyway.

Or, Scotland, I could say
Quick! Run!
Quick, run away!
While scope permits
to save yourselves from neoliberal grip
and manufactured terror;
that a ‘No’ might be the bigger risk;
that you are adults with the wit and means
to hallow Hearthstone;
that your errors and your triumphs
be your sovereign growth to own
and that it’s time we grew a pair
down here and brought our battle home.

The world queues up to follow you
and, Right, on cue, advises you.

But, Scotland,
what you’ve got
is opportunity
so rare,
so huge,
so vital,

I just wish for you to dare
to be entitled

and go where your Free Will sits;
where heart and mind are meet
for there, your world, a prize to greet
with trust enough to follow it.

3 thoughts on “Recommendum (#indyref)

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    • Thank you, Bob! The world and its wife is weighing in with its expedient positioning. I just want Scotland to feel confident in her decision and that the outcome is a result of the people being allowed to make their own choice, whichever way it goes.


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