Ed Miliband, playing the game

Ed Miliband,
playing the game –
oh, for shame!
All the pain that we suffer
is gonna get tougher
and Labour can’t see
we’ve had more than enough
of the drain and the waste
and the damnable cuts
that make life cruelly rough
to bring gains for the toffs
who depend on a bluff
to keep bending the Law
to deprive us some more
by keep selling our stuff
and berating the poor
with their psy-ops
and myopic moral crusade
that keeps rich people paid
and democracy stayed
and has done for an age
as the Commons observes
by the fabric that frays
knowing it is betrayed
by the ones who self-serve
and the good ones afraid
of upsetting the cart
beyond hinting to start
and then slinking away
to jump back on the bandwagon
growing the chaos and leaving
the citizens lost and enraged
at the cheapness of Life and
the price of their cage.


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