Let’s grow Humanity

“The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there” ~ John Buchan

Every time I hear an economist, banker, politician or journalist talk about economic recovery and growth, I get that thing where my eyes close and my teeth clench as I breathe. Grow what? Yet another model of something you can’t just upgrade; appliances designed to be cheaper to replace than fix; sweatshop – or near as damn it – goods; plastic tat and dumb-you-down apps, etc, etc? And how? At someone else’s expense again? Grow what? Hate, fear, paranoia, hysteria, demographic divisions, inequality, poverty, serfdom, a callous disregard for dignity? And how? With perpetual war? By more ignorance and spin?

This kind of growth: is that what we need more of? Is that really what we want? Hasn’t it done damage enough? Are we so lacking in imagination that we must rinse and repeat the destructive attitudes and methods that got us here: where everything is disposable and humans and the Planet are mere receptacles of gratuitousness and superficiality? And we must compete for it, to boot?

Leaders bang on about peace, democracy, economic prosperity, sovereignty, International Law and humanitarian ‘rights’ and causes but they don’t actually give a shit about even their own citizens, let alone about those abroad. If they did, we’d be visibly and experientially better off, already. Measurably. The Powers That Be aren’t bothered about civilians being oppressed, occupied, even slaughtered unless those civilians happen to become a convenient excuse by which to enact another agenda. Our Dear Leaders expose themselves to us daily with their outrageous hypocrisies and sordid, cynical schemes and still expect the sane world to swallow their dangerous crap. They show us little more than reckless contempt.

And what’s it all for, this continual plundering of natural resources that will hasten our human demise and myriad new and re-invented bubbles on which this corporatised global economy depends? To preserve the upkeep of a few greedy, selfish, b*stards who believe in their own hype and hubris.

Well I’m sick of their pumped-up, trumped-up, jumped-up neoliberal tripe. All They are growing is an interminable list of death and decay. Give yourselves a round of applause, Dear Leaders: your entropic, feudal worldview is killing us.

Let’s grow ethical sustainability. Let’s grow Humanity. Perhaps then, better economic solutions will be allowed to present themselves.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” ~ Viktor E. Frankl

10 thoughts on “Let’s grow Humanity

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  2. beautifully put Jules, thank you.

    I have this running through my mind every time I marvel watching a craftsman; working wood, or forging metal, or myriad of other real skills, generational skills … we’re throwing away … for some homogenised fallacy

    we’re being squeezed of our time; more and more, for less and less. … and yet valuing it less and less in what we do with what we have …


  3. As a Green Humanist, I do sympathise with your sentiments.
    Of course, other forms of growth are possible, such as people becoming better educated, more knowledgeable and more hopeful as to the future.
    Individual and societal growth is possible which contributes towards humanist goals, i.e. to help all within society to try: to be good people; to lead good lives; and to create good societies.
    What constitutes ‘good’ – of course – is what we all need to discuss and agree upon.
    I remember attending a Central London Humanist meeting when a member of the audience asked what would a future humanist society look like?
    As no one else offered an answer to the question, I raised my hand and said “Look at the early Star Trek episodes, written by Gene Roddenberry, where he portrayed a future world in which religion played no part and the main area of interest was the wider Universe”.
    In those episodes, money was not seen and they were not subjected to any form of advertising.
    It is interesting to reflect upon the society Rodenberry portrayed and to consider how we can get from where we are to there.


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