lonely lectern

Lonely lectern
waiting with the world
in all-expectant air
for yet another encore of
Obama’s flair for being late.
Perhaps a putting green
should be the new official
platform of the state.

But surely: such a long delay
must prove that what he has
to say is so important,
we’ll think his speech was
worth the wait?

Oh, poor Land of the Free and
International Community with
only seals and flopping flags
for time-abusing company!

But, look! He’s here!
The Messenger of wordy hedge!
We are all ears and on the edge
for want of comment and delay
of far more useful, pressing tasks.

Is this his ad-lib wisdom, fear or
nonchalance, we’ll later ask.
The now, all too familiar narcoleptic
punctuation starts:

… responsibility to protect… with effective partners… the right to defend… bankrupt… commitment to… strategic… rampaging… campaign… ideology… proportionate… with limited response to… humanitarian aid… with targeted support for… appalling… investment… escalation… intervention… provocation… threats… mission creep… in our interests… that’s all, folks.. and God bless…

now, where’s my dual wedge…?

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