‘Making It Up As We Tory Along’

We are the Tories
And this is our song
It’s called

‘Making It Up As We Tory Along’

And whether we’re right
Or whether we’re wrong
We believe we are right

So, come on..

And support your local conservative man
If you think public-owned is a nanny state scam
And you know you can purchase a privatised plan
If you like that a school can make up its own rules
And you think that the poor are just idlers and fools
That the sick and disabled are burdensome cheats
And you want undesirables cleared from the street
If you’re full of resentments regarding your tax
And think working on welfare will ever fix that
If you still are deceived about who is to blame
And think finance and markets remain a fair game
That the City’s unfairly achieved a bad name
That the regions all benefit by London’s gain
And it’s unpatriotic to dare to complain…

If you truly believe we’d have more sovereignty
If we just left that basket case over the sea
And you’d really put faith in our capacity
To negotiate treaties with integrity
If you think that our clout is worth shouting about
And believe that your values are British, no doubt
If you think a good war will restore the economy
Have no concern about who is an enemy
Yearn for yesterday’s rose-tinted land
Don’t care so few ethnic minorities stand
And think women should work harder to understand
If you’d like this direction of travel maintained
And sincerely conceive it can all be sustained
Well, the answer you seek is the one we have planned!
So support your local Conservative man!

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