Qualified Fix

Liberal Democracy
Modern Slavery
Internal Inquiry
Compassionate Conservatism
Public Service
Inclusive Capitalism
Market Value
Feral Youth
Collateral Damage
Unbiased Truth
Human Rights
International Law
Independent Inquiry
United Nations
Patriotic Duty
Civil War
Natural Allies
Free Trade
Fair Trade
Charitable Aid
Free Market
Living Wage
National Interest
Right Wing
Terrorist Activity
Social Security
Objective Assessment
BIG Government
Means Testing
Self- Determination
Special Relationship
Global Village
State Control
Official Figures
Reality Show
Small Government
Arms Race
United Kingdom
Ungoverned Space
Expert Opinion
Sovereign Nation
British Values
Quality Immigration
Special Interests
Faith-based Initiative
Free Press
We The People
Common Sense
Special Measures
Necessary Evil
Human Shield
Shared Intelligence
Justified Ends
PR Stunt
My (Right) Honourable Friend

We’re really in affix
When pretending that
A qualifier gets us out of it.


3 thoughts on “Qualified Fix

  1. I was getting worried in that I may have lost you Juli. Weird happenings on my PC again. Your presence is a sign that they must be afraid in my reading & understanding your words !


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