Void of course

Void of course
From false flag
To red rag
From spin to force
From the rage of
Hapless acts
To the choke of tyrants raining bombs,
That knock before they ‘mow’

A World aghast
And how!
It’s even raining people now

Hope falling low
So thick and fast
Life, running for itself
As herded, numbered stock

And going where?

For the cult of cunning folk
Flocks there
To grandstand
Numb and shock
And finger point with speculations
Accusations cast
Until the facts sit
False witness fit

For the horror show
A perfect captive audience
At the cutting edge of frozen hearts
And hottest heads

Keep watching

On tragedy
Heaped upon tragedy

Life’s long and shameful death

You know:
There is nowhere to go

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