Establishment is in contempt

There is not one
Not one organisation, think-tank,
Party, government department; not one
Medium; no Office in this land that has
A right to stand and order us a moment

Not one institution is there, trusted
Now; nor declaration taken at face
Value; neither faith in any persons
Put in place to oversee procedure,
Nor belief in the procedure either,
Such is the betrayal.

Authority, much as it claims, so
Shamelessly, to name itself, is lost to
Its decay in panic, coverup and chaos.

Rank hypocrisy and absence of integrity
Effects no right of jurisdiction any longer
Over you and me.

Not one – not one state entity is there
With any right to lecture us on what we
Must or what we can’t. Command is
Futile vanity, advancing into impotence –
Abusive Power eats itself –

Establishment is in contempt.



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