Friend or Foe?

It goes friend or foe –

A friend in need is a friend
Indeed and never more so
Than a new-made frenemy
That shares his foes as a
Mutual enemy. For then that
Friend is a supersede and a
Friend in deed is expedient

Pleasantries done and the
Friend is spun. It’s a fair
Exchange then, to rearrange
Where the parties fit on the hit
Shit list. For birds of a feather
Must stick together, through
Thick and thin – when they’re
In, they’re out; when they’re
Out, they’re in.

So bury the hatchet and marry
The sin until nobody knows
Where the enemy ends and
The friend begins. It’s a perfect
Blend for a fair-weather trend –
Ever friend and foe, whether toe-
To-toe or a shoulder to cry on –
It’s the lie that The Powers That
Be most rely on.

As the idiom goes, either high
Or lower: keep your friends close
And your enemies closer for
There’s no love lost and there’s
No hate gained when the BFFs
Share the same bedbugs and
The rest of the world bears the
Gilded cost.

The world is built with no shred
Of guilt by false devils and gods
Who depend on true heresies
Extending supremacy and one
Must ask: if the emperor is naked
And the mask has dropped: then,
With friends like these, just who is
The enemy and don’t you think it is
Time this stopped?

3 thoughts on “Friend or Foe?

  1. Reblogged this on Methusalada and commented:
    I think I am beating along to your heart beat & hopefully the same brain wave pattern as yours Juli . I simply say ” Not in my name “.
    I am now very disillusioned . Perhaps it gives me meaning as to why I asked you to take the first reins of change. Let us not just rely on hope or that something may happen. Though I dread to think what that could be or maybe upon us now ! Words can change worlds mot the ranting’s of one lunatic against another.


  2. Feeling very uncomfortable now on reading this blog i.e 1. Severely disabled people protesting against the closure of the ILF on COE land Westminster Abbey. 2. Hundreds of Met police on duty to prevent further entry & ensure the removal of protestors. 3. No one from the Abbey addresses protestors or police. 4. Unfair Criticism of some on the Internet of Trussell Trust feeding the homeless . 5. Calls for the Bishop of York to intervene & help the protestors. 6. What happens now ? what has been achieved . 7. Who gave these protestors reason to (rightfully protest ) this coalition Government.
    My conclusion ;- (a) People do not just roll over and die .
    (b) Governments of the UK are meant to be its keepers not its masters.
    (c) Too many disabled people have died due to this Governments inadequate & inhumane policies towards disabled people. Details of which are a secret.
    (d) The disabled people of the UK have no official body or statutory body that they can turn to represent them as a body or group to Parliament . Why ? They as people outnumber all the total membership of al the political parties. Don’t let UKIP sell the disabled a new chamber !
    e . What the disabled people of the UK needs is an official statutory organisational body set up by Parliament excluding Peers. Let the disabled people choose by ballot whom they want as their officially appointed representative . After all most disabled people are not as stupid nor as covetous as most politicians.

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