The whole world wrought

What are we?
Who are we?
What have we become?
What have we done but
That we strut and curse
With Human ignorance
And hubris?

We sew pockets of hell on Earth
And fret when it’s too late
And still yet tell ourselves
That any fiction is infinitely better
Than to fess up; than to face our

The World weeps bloody tears
And suffocates under fractious clouds
That wreck and reek to retching

Sick, the planet heaves,
Clamouring for more glamour
And belief’s cold sweats

Adrenaline free-falling out of

Selective fear and fury
Stalks the Psyche;
Into frozen thought and feeling

The whole world is reeling;
Dancing to discordant tunes

Tectonic Titans crunching
Scraping scraps with blades

All is percussion
And crashing

World made glass and straw
And poisoned shores
In hearts and thoughts
Polluting souls

The whole world wrought
To overwrought and overwhelm
And all for nought.

4 thoughts on “The whole world wrought

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  2. This is music to me, a line that just resonates from beginning to end. It has emotion and meaning yet it flows (sometimes races) from start to finish with sounds and colours, timbres if you will and only at the end did I realise I ought to breathe. Yup a pretty good poem. Thank you.

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