Lord Almighty, Cameron!

Lord Almighty, Cameron!

You’re a bloody joke!
It isn’t funny
It’s a farce
The sooner
You’re knocked
On your
Very pampered arse
The better.
You’re pathetic, man!

What, call yourself a leader?
Give me strength!

The lengths you’ve been to
To dispel all credibility is
Utterly outstanding.
Even poor old Gordon lacked
So much ability –
And that is no mean feat, now,
Is it?

You are just not fit
To grace the seat you’ve cheated,
Lied and spun
To take and keep
For it was never truly won
And what small right you had has

Evacuate our precious governmental space!

Go take your facile head out of
Our Face, you bleeding imbecile!
You sad disgrace!
It’s clear: you couldn’t steer
A guided missile and we’ve had it

Up to here

The only ‘British Value’ you supply is
Our acute embarrassment.
Now take your farty party and piss off
So that the rest of us can build a
Proper government.

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