Cameron values:

Cameron values:
Belief in Freedom – and the ability to take liberties;
Tolerance of others – so long as they are brothers
In his crony alms;
Accepting personal and social responsibility – by
Giving it to personnel who lord the harm and those
Who can’t afford not to make scapegoats just to
Plug the gap in due accountability;
Respecting and upholding the rule of law – insofar
As it does not impinge on the entropic economic,
Greed-is-to-aspire death machine.

And, too, he goes compare and sees his values
Everywhere in symbols. How the motifs and his
Motives face and bow!

For how he loves his Union Flag
As much as all the striver/skiver tags;
He relishes his fish and chips – though maybe not
As much as people rummaging for food in skips.
And how his football quips attest to his devotion to
All patriotic notions! Under Cameron Mao, now
Kettling is protest sport – and cannons in the street
Are bought as easily as vested interest.

With a zest, he loves to love an institution with
Established constitution – Magna Carta: eat your heart out!
Call-me-Dave’s solicitations pale the knaves of old as
Honest, altruistic scolds.

One heart, one mind, one view, or not at all
Not you
Not you
And, no: not you
Are ‘British values’ under Cameron’s petty, mindless gall.

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  2. Reblogged this on jaynelinney and commented:
    Complements my post beautifully Juli – Exposes Camerons ‘Values for what the are ‘Fantasy Lies’.

    Enough with the SPIN – the TRUTH Campaign #NOWPetition #ImpeachDWP


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