False gods need scapegoats

Crony cape begets cloak
Cover running for cover
Self-made deities duck

That is for another.

We, those others, must
Share it among ourselves
For the klepto brethren
Decree ‘inclusive’ be the
Neo- to their Ponzi show

“Suffer the little serfs
To come unto us
And forbid them not:
For of such is the kingdom
Of Earth’s modern gods”

The rods are the carrots;
The carrots, the rods of the
House that usurps us by
Fixing the odds.

But we know in our bones
And our bubbling blood
That displacement is finite
And wickedly trite and that
If we, the billions, arise and
Unite, we can cast out these
Gods of this corporate rot
And show them the meaning
Of Might and My Right

It will end
In the end if we bring it or not.
It’s just physics my friends and
The fact that there is

No such thing
As atoning vicariously.

Let’s make sure there’s something
Left worth the event and assemble
Our higher and common intent.


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