I actually detest Right versus Left;
this furious cleft that separates the
and weft
orchestrates derision between
and South
and East
and West.

I’m sick to death of hearing our politicos
push Britain’s countries, regions, counties
to collision, pitting citizens to competition
with each other, smothering our solidarity
and keeping everyone too busy to
unite and fight
the enemies of progress.

I can’t stand
the underhandedness of journalists
who think they are the Management;
who relish sowing spite and discontent
and growing blame.

I hate this go-comparing game that curdles
pleasant differences that weave the seams
of richness in emergent culture;
cleaves our sameness on the altar of hysteria
and immaturing whims.

I can’t abide the class divide creating bookends
for the snide deriding, moral chiding platforms
of disunity that undermine Community;
the clichéd phrasing
bullshit stinking, all guns blazing,
specious-thinking, double-speaking
power seeking,

It is insidious.

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