Cast-on Cast-offs

Hand-me-down opinions
And a placid population
Gives complacency dominion
Over reasoned contemplation

Check and balance looks in
Askance at mendacity’s audacity
To twist a pre-owned, worn out
Myth and pitch it as veracity

Capacity has reached the stage
Where cast-on cast-offs dress
The age and, even when a lie’s
Discerned, just scoffs and writes
Another page

Leftovers weave conceit without
A second’s doubt in its deceit

And still there is so little rage at
At how this utter shitty farce has
Been allowed to come to pass
And not been duly cut adrift and
Left to nurse a sore, smacked arse.

With this in mind, do check out Jayne Linney’s and Debbie Sayer’s latest Campaign for the Truth and Statistics & Stop MPs Spinning Stats [#ImpeachDWP & #NOWPetition]

6 thoughts on “Cast-on Cast-offs

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