The knees of Reason buckled

And Sanity stared anxiously
towards the surreality now
reckoning on spinning freely
through the Eastern Gate

The fat cats and the classists
and the omniphobes began to
glow with slavish lust that
incorrectly spake – not caring
but so glaringly distasteful that
the knees of Reason buckled
under such shortsighted weight

And vitriolic bile poured caustic
scorn upon the lucid who recoiled
in horror at the power of the stupid
to confuse a cause to good effect

And derelict Westminster, tediously
crawling with a narcissistic media,
built mischief-filled potential to upend
the status quo just so

it could defend it.

And the angry split into a polarising
mess between the ones who thought
the best protest is just to cut one’s
nose to spite one’s face and those who
recognised that what gets the attention

and how the wrong kind has displaced
the wider case for solidarity against the
foes we really face:

politicos perpetuating
democratic deficits
division and
indifference to frustrated electorates

Collusion in a broken and manipulated
economic system, making billions slaves
to global, corporate fascism
A passion for intolerance
Environmental nonchalance

The People
Prosperity in Unity
Now all reduced to crony irritant

of spirit

by invitation, sealed
and golem creeping
faster than naive intent
imagines, licensed, now,
in Britain, to foment.

3 thoughts on “The knees of Reason buckled

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  2. It is the same tension and complacency here in the USA…people use various excuses: not my problem; tired; who cares I am going as far as I can for myself; hopeless—ALL excuses for lack of individual responsibility and care for one another and Mother Earth! Your poem verses it all to a “tea!”


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