Whose world is this?

Whose world is this?
Who owns the Earth
And all its fruit?

The evil few in suits of stolen
Cloth for whom one planet is
Still not enough?

They are
The architects of nightmares
And the monsters lurking
Through our days. They are
The craven,

Not one single thing is there
These gannets will not eat. Not
One organic creature; not one
Flower, tree or seed; nor yet a
Single mineral; no drop of liquid
Safe; no thing existing, free from

Every nation
Every race
And species
Every place
And space
Turned over
And dis-eased

By those who see themselves
As Universal Masters – bastard
Traitors with contempt for Life,
Intent on hastening the earthly
Death of everything.

Well, fuck ’em
Let them go to Hell
You know what?
There’s a bloody
Lot of us and last
I checked, this is
Our world as well.

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