Eye-roll and sigh

That “labour should be doing better in the polls” – Hmm.. if it was doing better as the Opposition, I would agree that it would deserve a better rating but – well, maybe it’s just me – but, if the coalition’s economic madness programme is working so well, (which we know it isn’t really because it’s only for the same already-perfectly-wealthy-enough- old few and fuelled by debt and bubbles. Plus.. It’s a global economy, stupid..) – anyway, if we suppose for a nano that we really are ‘recovering’ shouldn’t Labour, in fact, be doing worse in the polls? Or, more to the point: shouldn’t the Tories be doing rather better?

That the conservatives can’t seem to attract this nebulous “ethnic minority” vote – whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. It’s beginning to seem, all too often, like a cover to legitimise xenophobia. I know there are some bigots in every party but this current farce has a clear Tory/UKIP overlap. I always get the impression that the phrase is an attempt to not be seeming to single out any one group while simultaneously managing to do exactly that – most often Muslims and anyone with skin darker than Anglo Saxon. I look forward to the day when politicians and journalists just call us all people, citizens and the electorate and don’t carve us out into oversimplified types of “communities” by skin colour, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. What made me laugh though is that, for all the current talk about ethnicity, which has replaced Cameron’s ‘women problem’ of last year, remember, the Conservative Party can’t seem to attract “white” people either.. Poor, silly Tories! Their problem is ethics, not ethnics.

And sigh..


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