Proper Job

They’ve done a proper job on you and me. What used to be a steady wage, for steady hours, now is rare. Well, actually, so’s any hours, any money, anywhere.

Our staple daily bread is dead as we regress at pace and all our damned-fool Power Tools can offer in response is to debase us with a nonsense and start pushing instability as normal to the point of formal policy and even as a patriotic diktat.

They have stitched us up a beauty now this status quo submission is repackaged as a duty – they don’t even tie a bow on anymore. Not now the poor and getting poorer have to take what they can get and keep their hungry little mouths closed and their empty hands behind their heads and smile like they are wise enough to passively accept that someone’s got to make the sacrifice. And who else could the bleeders get to prop them up for nearly free if not the likes of you and me?

Oh, yeah, they’ve really done a number: either seedy plunderer or plundered victim be.

They want to keep us busy fighting every other mucker over every sorry scrap in an exhausting competition for a life whose very dignity is on a knife-edge constantly. That way they figure we’ll be far too frenzied, tired, weak and humble, we won’t have sufficient strength to grumble when they send the robots in.

For then, the ones who work for zip will just have even less of it and we’ll be truly free to be and do and have eff all some more. By now we really ought to recognise the final score: that modern leisure is for those who can afford to have the pleasure and the ones who can’t can, by their own lack of means, go to the wall. As though the greedy, crony bastards cannot wait until the day comes when they don’t need any citizens at all.

7 thoughts on “Proper Job

  1. Reblogged this on jaynelinney and commented:
    They’ve done a proper job on you and me….haven’t they just whether it be employment, health, justice, social security, education……. There is NOT ONE piece of legislation that protected the 99% from the Fat Cats & Elite this elected Government haven’t reduced/removed.

    And all the while most people bleat of unfairness!!!


  2. The truth may be very close to your closing paragraph but even more sinister. If everyone has access to a healthy (not not stressed, struggling and with a poor diet) lifestyle, along with proper medical services (a fully effective and free at the point of use NHS) then the life expectancy of everyone is likely to improve drastically as recent scientific advances filter out of the labs and into everyday life.

    There are a group of people out there who see this as a problem and feel it should only be available to their peer group.

    Who might those people be – and how would they go about achieving their aims? In their position i would start by getting control of government, the actual people in the government would not all have to be part of some conspiracy – just ideological and incompetent enough to have to employ other people to tell them what to do!…

    How scary does your last paragraph seem now if you reread it – or had you drawn a similar conclusion already?


    • Thank you, Robin. Yes, it is scarily dystopian. My conclusion was my inspiration. That those with the money and power see the ‘common’ people as necessary but a nuisance they would gladly do without. That, increasing automation – which should be a great and liberating thing for all (as it was spun when I was a child) – will render many of us superfluous to their needs. That the majority will have nigh-on no independent means and no State with a sense of responsibility to assist. That those without means will be reduced to survival mode. That such things as good health and stability will be a luxury. That our increasing submission to serfdom is our ticket to our own extinction. That our civil/human rights are being diluted. That life is cheap and that our only purpose (in the minds of Neoliberals) is to pedal the wheels for them and that, once they don’t even need us for that, we’ll be finished. Unless we fight back before it’s too late – before we have neither the means nor the rights to do so. The unspoken conclusion – the emotional response I hoped for was righteous anger that this is our world, too, that ‘they’ are taking from us and that we can create it better if we want to wake up and put the effort in.

      I could go on but I think between my poem, your angle of interpretation and this explanation, anything further would merit a book – or at least a few more posts! 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on imatigerrr and commented:
    Poetic interpretation of a Proper Job; what people want and desire from childhood onwards. What should be able to expected, in a modern egalitarian world, only its not equal, and inequality is increasing.When having worked hard for years in education and in gaining experience, or for many through no fault of their own, whom need help, suffering conditions causing restrictions, to still be able to fulfil ones potential to the utmost. This is counter to the kind of people who begrudge others, in a divided society, where governments and media stir hate and prejudice, those that like to see others not fulfilling their potentials, even others that don’t fulfil their own potential also not wanting others to fulfil them; the race to the bottom syndrome and scenario.


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