Left bereft

Labour left
struck mute
by unsubstantiated
and even dumber
vitriolic ridicule

bereft, was Left
and rendered
altogether moot

call it cowardice,
collusion –
surrender to a plethora
of populist confusion –
yeah, whatever

in appeasement crept
Stockholm took root
and what was Labour
badly kept,
gave up
and left

1 thought on “Left bereft

  1. Yet again, you succeed in mirroring my mood. It is so difficult to watch the LP going after the ‘German model’ of Ordoliberalism when there is an opportunity for proper change.

    However, I’ve just come back from a meeting on Fracking which confirmed my suspicion that Osborne intends Shale gas to be the next financial bubble, benefitting his class without regard for those of us who will be lumbered by methane-leaking wells, polluted water supply and rusting discarded equipment… not to mention the ripped-off investors like pension funds, small investors etc. My anger, at this cynical disregard of people, our environment and climate change, re-fuels my conviction that any vote to stop Osborne continuing his project is to be preferred… however imperfect.

    The ‘Left, so badly kept,
    gave up
    and left’

    must stick with the process and not leave.

    Another superb piece Juli 🙂


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