Centre Ground

A treacherous place
rides roughshod over nuance
in pursuance of confining space

Conform by supplication
or the suffocating face
of an imagin’ry consensus

Both oppress

assisted by a zombie herd
deferring to the cult of superficial
and the nondescript
towards a living death

The Beasts of Average savage
for the sake of it
The ‘Disenfranchised’ rush to give themselves to all
or any sifting fool’s alternative

Official line dismissed in
well-rehearsed knee-jerk
to buy another that will offer little more than

anything but this

As though it mattered not..

nothing could be worse
than what we’ve got..

Democracy begot a clear surrender then
to apathy’s vicarious judge

The nudge of telegraphic speech
within the rotten core
are to the zeitgeist’s windy protest meet
with every crazy fad and lazy clique

Returns us to the Middle

So we fiddle while we burn
And learn yet nothing
but of how to fiddle in the heat.

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