Frack off with your ‘global race’

This race you are so fixed upon:
It is interminably long.
Not everyone is in it
And you have to do a lot of
People over
If you want to win it.

Well, frack off with your “global race”
Race to what?

Another’s got.
Theft and rot

A perpetual trophy
For the quickest despot.
And what for?
To grab the lion’s share
Before, well

He who dares

Oh, yeah..
Hey: someone’s gotta lose
You snooze, you

Choose austerity
And serfdom’s flexibility.

All drones
And stepping stones
Keep us lean and mean
And poor..

Telling us we’re flawed because
We’re falling behind some
Who-cares training place for

Constantly sniping at our young
And everyone
Doing us all down with your we’re not
Fast enough
Smart enough
Making enough

The whole world knows you think
Your citizens are fools. Yeah,
Thanks for that.

You Tools…

All strength and guile ignobly exercised
Come bearing plated medals, furnished
With a thousand overlapping lies.

You’re nothing but second-underhanded
Salesmen, bullying Life into a profitable

You put the slaughter into

But nothing screams of desperation quite
As much as grim and low imagination,
Does it?

Where all the globe is a prize battlefield
For carrion in suits to pick and plunder

Yes, split the earth asunder by your dread
Small mind, so yielding to the grass is greener
All you know is the keen comparison of
Superior inadequates
And lazy envy’s gift

See nothing of the wasting treasure
And the measureless potential
That exists.

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