The state of The State

Yes, The State’s in a state

But wait..

For, do not equate that with
It’s-too-big or let’s-get-rid
And cut off your nose just to
Spite your face

For, who is The State?

Not the temporary outfitters of
Misrule and disgrace, seen
Processing through the gates
Of Number Ten and every other
Den of corporate iniquity.

But, then:

Since when did a government
You know of show an inkling of
Intent to mediate our equity for
Common good with common

Except for that once – long ago –
When the safety net was woven
With a pride,


By the catastrophic consequences
In its now impending end

But do not pretend that the State is
The enemy encumbering when we
Are the parts of its sum and the heart
Of its purpose and do not mistakenly
Be wailing that Democracy has failed

No it hasn’t –

It’s a messy work in progress,
Interrupted so instead, turn your head
To the opportune usurpers who dilute it
And pollute it and dishonour both
Expressions of our Liberty and Will

Yet still,

Please remember:
You’re a member of this club
And The State,
If we want it,
As we should,
Is Us

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