Lord of the Chance

I danced since the dawning of the feudal drum
I pranced on the hopes in the lives of everyone
I came down from Nanny and parental gifts
My privilege is my benefit

Prance, then, if you are just like me
I am a Lord of the Chance, said he
And I’ll bleed you all, whoever you may be
Unless you’re better at the dance than me

I pranced from nurs’ry to the Bullingdon
I danced to the tune that despises everyone
I thrashed and trashed whatever took my eye
I’ll feel entitled ’til the day I die

Chance, then, is what happened to me
For I am a real lucky S.O.B.
And I’ll fleece you all, wherever you may be
You’re a dancer now for mine and me

I danced myself into a government
By feigned integrity and common sense
Now I’ll cut you down so I can leap up high
A thieving zombie living on a lie

Glance, then, look askance all you please
I and my chums are enhanced with ease
As we bleed you dry, for our prosperity
We’re the DJs now of your mobility

We prance with the City and the CEOs
We dance with the lobbyists and sovereign crows
We glance at the citizens and give no toss
We’re busy building your serfdom cross

Dance, then, for patriarchal glee
Preserving the wealth of the First Degree
And we’ll lead you all, with Tory homilies
For we’re the Lords of the Chance, said he.

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