Some men

Some men are born already great
As though Destiny itself had hands
As much as any Fortune’s birth.
Some men achieve a greatness by
The virtue of their standing strength
As evidence of living worth. Some
Men have greatness thrust upon them,
Weighted by the cloak of obligation –

Rise and fall
By want
And wont

So dons projected expectations.

Some men continue on long after death:
Their deeds; their words – a breath –
A pledge of new-born consciousness or
Sharp reminder, timely to the lapsed;
A point of poignant place for the forsaken
And the doubting edge (It isn’t over yet).

[Others, not so great, beget fine words
With ease upon the passing of great
Spirits: hopeful to receive vicarious,
Reflective praise – all day, an exercise
In character admiration and seeming
Political politeness.
It is not. It is the due respect they could
Not then, in life afford, for fear their own
Position be uncovered as a fraud.]

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