You built that

See all this conflict?
The perpetual invasion
And modern, primitive accumulation?
All those bloody, mindless wars?
You built that with your hubris.
See all the poor?
This, too is at your door:
You built that with Aeonian
Greed over –

How many years..?
A thousand?

It would seem eternal
That so few
So mighty –
So self-righteous with
Paternal declarations of
Concern – be so can-do.

What do we learn
But that the pyre in your hearts
Is kindled by the face of need
As you feed yours.

See that arbitrary theft
Of Human sustenance
That beckons in demise?
You built that on abuse of
Earthly grace and bounty

Once abundant
Now abundant lies.

How much is left now,
Even as you scorn
The shrinking natural base
In favour of a lab-born artifice?
See that path to Precipice?

You built that.

What? You didn’t mean it?
Didn’t see it?
How, Caucasian Eagle?
The altar of extortion
Is re-hallowed daily in your temple.
You, who hail a monumental myth
Upon the sacrifice of others
To a cruel and ornamental pact;
Who cheapen Life yet raise
The very price of it..

You built that.


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