Pity us all, Lib Dems, perhaps the most…

Pity us all, Lib Dems, perhaps the most, as we glance right on past them in hope their survival does not stand a ghost as they chance to enhance their positioning stance like those Old Time Revivalists.

Listing to lusting like magnetised sawdust the yellow-swelled fellows, so thrusting for power, adapt self-awareness to use in self-service, preserving Establishment’s carnage-filled tower. And thus is the uncanny Danny well-managed by Ivory Nanny and Davey, (the hazy Ed) government shill, by his wafer-thin reason, caves in to the pleasing of Energy’s poisonous pill. Poor Laws, to applause, gets his flaws in a muddle while Browne – who did not and is Toryfied rock through and through – was removed of his crown in the favour of Baker, transported to trouble and please-do befuddle as Kramer-no-shame, drives the train to appeasement and Lamb has been easing the privatised health drain. Poor Swinson limps on just as Sarah unTeathers and light-as-a-Featherstone fails to attack both the slack in developed thought and the sad lack of the women in her party’s recycled camp.

But then, what is expected when Ming, once respected, is singing damp nurs’ry rhymes most of the time and ‘ole Charlie is missing and Paddy’s gone wishing while Cable – remember when he was thought able.. and Hughes, the old zealot, stopped thumping the table and mellowed to meaningless waffle and Clegg – the spare beggar – is whittled to clueless that reckons he still can win more than he loses but may well be toppled by Tim-with-a-Grin… The contemptible turncoats are now busy betting their *innocent faces* that we are quite dim and that we’ll be forgetting their utter betrayal so, glibly, they eagerly puff out their greasy sails.

Bent upon seizing a place, they go chasing both tails thinking they set the pace now but miss how the murky uncertainty in all the dirty is being well-noted: while they are off spinning and flirting with ghouls, they have proved to the country that we, the electorate, might have the vote but our wishes would count least of all.


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