Each strait’ning stitch of thought

The narrative of present time speaks woe of mind so constant in the framing grip of Mainstream’s and the common man’s ability to slip into pernicious discourse readily:

Some folks are most determined to rely on superstition and see sinister conspiracy in every exposition. Some people are so ego-driven even declarations of the bleedin’ obvious are put to competition. And some are so persuaded by a temporary, petty detail as to be distracted from the relevancies, real and active, all reflected in the bigger picture as connected. Some have become so much enthralled with notions of utopia, they really need an altogether, very separate world. And others isolate themselves as though the insulation guarantees to hold at bay the latest crazy, human fashion. But others, still, let go objective reason and embrace their fear by hating with gratuitous and undiscerning passion; they’ll lazily call everything and anyone ‘the same’ to justify ad hominem and blur informed and unenlightened blame. Some, yet, would rather spend their time intent on dredging well-known hist’ry scraped from barrels of old rhetoric – in immature one-upmanship – than take a risk on Myst’ry with imaginative courage.

Each strait’ning stitch of thought is tragic nourishment to fraying, tired fabric, worn as agents’ habit, causing independent thought to suffer its decline and hinder level-headedness and open heart to tell another story that most surely waits impatient for its once upon a time…

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