In Britain-Under-Siege, the cocky Board of
Phallusy accepts no liability – Austerity is
For the poor who must get less for more
And Forward Guidance laughs as Moar
Makes room for plenty when delinquents
Rule by farce – yes, less is emptiness since
Money lost its common touch to fools who
Cannot tell an elbow from an arse and all
The lessons learned are hindsight’s panic,
Turned by tools to profit from their
Orchestrated damage…

High on too much power, scrumping from
The Magic Money Tree, the Vulgar Class
Are drunk in charge with liquid opportunity.
The imbeciles are at the wheel and all in it
Together, on a beano, Hell for leather bound
While those in tow are battered by temerity
And pulped – oh, yes: the modern Libertarian
Takes liberties by gulp

3 thoughts on “Britain-Under-Siege

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