We are not led by donkeys: we’re driven by prats

I don’t want this coalition of arrogant, ignorant bozos anywhere near:

Social Security/Pensions
Health/Social Care
Foreign Policy/Defence
Energy/Climate Change

Anything, even remotely related to the above gets mentioned by a government minister and my default response is “for crying out loud, don’t let them touch it!” – and that list is not finite.

We are not led by donkeys: we’re driven by prats with a penchant for the neoliberal false economy model and an extraordinary culture of blame displacement. They spin a problem into a moral/economic imperative that suits their fault-riven ideology, come up with deeply erroneous solutions that they compound with utter ineptitude in the application and then blame everything and anyone that isn’t them when disaster and/or farce ensues. All the while costing us a bloody fortune in money, time, effort, peace of mind, cohesive society and hope.

The world is sitting on a precipice, gazing into one abyss after another and this Coalition not only exemplifies the thinking that largely brought us to this series of interlocking messes but is actually ravenous and capacious in its appetite to keep carrying on. Business as usual. I don’t trust this Coalition at all with my present and I am extremely anxious about the way it is shaping my future and especially the futures of my children. [I don’t much trust Labour either, who helped enormously to get us here and continues to unnerve with its right-appeasing utterances]

However, the current crop of cretins is clearly dangerous. Spun moral panic informs their policies and reactionary panic defends them. The Coalition is obviously incapable of competently managing anything: not the day-to-day running of a country nor the leading of it out of a crisis. They are the tangible obstacle before us right now. They can’t see beyond their own dogma, they don’t understand the big picture and they conveniently can’t seem to discern an expert from a vested interest. ‘Disingenuous’ runs through this Coalition like unto a stick of rock and, apart from mastering the art of self-preservation, it is clueless, reckless and a threat to us all.

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