Locust Picnic

If you go down to the hood today
You’re sure of a pack of lies
And you will see some bulls and some bears
Each swapping their empty vials

And ev’ry bloke that trades analogue
Is gathered there unwitting because
The day can’t wait to play with their suckered psyches

If you stray out of the hood to pray
You still can’t escape its grip
For governments and beggars for rent
Will bill you the beastly shit

Coz ev’ry cor’prate man with a plan
Has friends in charge or under command
To cash in now on derivatives of maybes

The creeps who run in the hood today
Construct the future on sand
They mock, they block with TINA’s old stock
Dismissing sense out of hand

For hopium is out for the kill
Farewell goodwill, hello poison pill
They’ve leveraged us over the edge of reason

If you go out to the edge and look
You’ll see that we’re being screwed
If you connect all the caused effects
You’ll see that the emp’ror’s nude

For every scheme and scam is a deed
To dress their greed in common good weave
And how we lose belief in our dreams forever

If you don’t yet see the hood for thieves
You’d better get wised-up quick
The bastards have their eyes on a prize
And your ostrich state’s a gift

For ev’ry locust ever there was
Is preying on the world just because
They’ve come to think the whole planet is their picnic

2 thoughts on “Locust Picnic

  1. Visit to the House
    If you pay a visit to the Commons today,
    you’ll see a sight that’s better than a play.
    don’t know why, but it’s always been the way
    that when the ministers gather to have their say
    they can never tell each other what it’s all about
    without finding the need to scream and shout.
    When you see it for yourself, you’ll know that it’s true,
    think you’ve made a wrong turn and landed in a zoo.
    When one gets up and tries to make a point,
    the others put his nose right out of joint.
    They talk to each other in a funny way, too,
    and use a lot of words that really won’t do.
    They prefix names, always starting with “right,”
    but everyone knows they’ll never see the light.
    The public’s been telling them all along
    that their attitude’s bad and their policies wrong.
    “Honourable” is another term they use,
    but for them it’s not a suitable word to choose.
    They’re all bad losers if they don’t win their case;
    they boo and jeer the opposition into place.
    They jab their fingers and shake their fists
    to be sure all the others will get the gist.
    They like to say “gentleman,” but it’s a fact
    that’s really not the word for the way they act.
    There’s a guy in charge, the Speaker by name,
    whose role is to try and keep them tame;
    but this guy’s job’s straight out of Hell
    when they start to roar and yell,
    thump their desks and stamp their feet,
    and refuse to get back in their seats.
    If you want a lot of fun and laughs today,
    go along and see them in their House straight away.
    Just a word of advice before you go,
    and it’s something important you ought to know:
    When they start shouting, keep out of their way:
    they can throw stuff as well, which sometimes goes astray.
    Later when it’s over and you’re back at home,
    you can laugh at their antics ‘til the cows come home.
    And if anyone asks what you did today,
    you saw all the animals and didn’t have to pay!


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