mumble, bumble, grumble

“But how much will it cost? The cost! The cost!”
They bleat. And what, pray, will it be if we delay,
Is my riposte. And they say: mumble, bumble,
Grumble –
. “Oh,” they bray: “but we cannot afford
It” – Bloody cretins! Really, just how do they reckon
We can not? Good grief! It’s quite beyond belief
How much their fear of scarcity supports these
False economies.

But all they’ve got is mumble, bumble, grumble as
The country stumbles on. We can’t afford to pay to
Educate our young – it’s too expensive and not
Everyone is worth it – oh and only people who are
Rich deserve the best when they are sick. And
Anyone on puny income – if they get one – must be
Thick or failing at some patriotic shit.

So those who pack and stack and dig and clean and
Spend the day at tills and on the phones to customers
Or caring in the schools and hospitals or Home are like
The firefighters, paramedics, coastguard, low-ranked
Soldiers and the proper coppers – like the homeless
And the serfs: dependent on the State but on their own.

Apparently the poor are not deserving of the service
Of the Law and as for freedom just to walk around and
Maybe shout a bit or clown around, will now be found to
Be a nuisance – if it suits – and can be bound upon the
Whim of power in capricious creatures.

Leeches – aren’t they just a perfect double thinking
Metaphor? For each side sees the other as a bunch of
Thieves and parasites, though only one of them is right
About who is to blame and the drain is quite impossible
To humble as it offers only mumble, bumble, grumble
Like it doesn’t care or is ridiculously unaware that fabric,
By its nature, is the sum of fibre knitted –

At the shallow end they do unpick the stitches of all
Common purpose and defend the reprehensible with
Mumble, bumble, grumble while the country and its
People crumble for the want of rationale that knows
That ‘National’ is cheaper and much neater over time.

They do not recognise the need to have a line below
Which nobody should tumble – their response is merely
Mumble, bumble, grumble and “I’ll only pay for mine” –
Oh my, but don’t the bloody suckers love to whine!

They want to be exempt from what the State’s supposed
To represent; they’d clip the wings of standard and integrity
That evens out prosperity and offers opportunity and has
A value way beyond the monetary cost. But they would
Rather that was lost because they only give a toss for
Insulating their own nests and have forgot that in the long
Run real security is ‘we’

For, of the people, by the people, for the people serves us
Best and actually will cost the country less.

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