Bring on the Righteous Rage

There grows a hungry fire in my belly,
Welling Heart and Mind that sows my
Will unto a fill invincible. Bring on the
Righteous rage and clad my wrath in
Principle and gleaming Justice, fit to
Noble cause.

My voice, as thunder, roar to shake
The stones of State and rattle unto
Dust the caging bars that choke;
Give laser focus to my mind and point
My eye as lightning, striking down the
Dry old bones of artifice to smoke.

Rain livid kisses down on mannequins
And wash away the slip of greasepaint;
Strip the closet nihilists and students
Of this rabid pseudo consciousness.
Bring on the sharpened scorn of clarity
And wit enough to pierce a granite heart
And render bare to split asunder all the
Vitriolic poison.

Cast down the hyperbolic clowns into the
Sea and dash their petty noisome diatribe
Against the rocks of Liberty and lay them
In a lead-lined casket with a gravestone
Polished in its own demolished silt and slag
And mark it so: “Here lies, disgrace by hubris,
Cruel neglect and gluttony. Forever may they
Rest in place as yesterday’s false fealty”

2 thoughts on “Bring on the Righteous Rage

  1. please allow a snippet from my upcoming sequel novel:
    ‘we don’t sit there too long in our tears, for where nike has returned and plastered our cracking souls, the still fails. all the live long, i’ve journeyed to your side at risk of social and familial embarassment. tell it on high, i set out to write you love and their hatred accosted me on every side. and still i cast them out, raining meteors of love over gelatinous corpses, scattering & flaying their ineptitutdes. i have repeatedly genuflected before you holding your body and blessing your whole. heaven has sent me this angel, she who has brightest mind – lover of mine i shatter this encryption, and you are there on cue.’

    hope you enjoyed, love your blog!!! hny J-Jx, bright light in a dark world!!!


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