And what is there to say…?

Not one new thought is there
Nor any feeling borne that
Wasn’t worn before

There is no truth unbent
Nor trust unspent
No faith without despair
No boundary that has
Never been abused
Nor tactic left unused
No hope not dashed
Nor good intent not trashed.

And never did this favour
But the perpetrating few
Who bought up all existence
For self-benefit so sick that
Every sell be airbrushed
Every well be poisoned
Every protest hushed
And Liberty forsaken while
Yet liberties are taken.

And what is wisdom’s purpose
If it doesn’t show or tell?
And what is there to say that
Hasn’t been already taught or
What good is a more
Enlightened Way
That doesn’t see the light of day
Because it isn’t seriously sought?

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