In Danced Stupidity,
Instantly Dissembling Since
Ingrowing Deference Syndrome
Invariably Displays Superiority,
Icarian Dreamed, Selling
Inglorious, Doggedly Spurious
Inaccuracies, Deliberately Spun
Into Damning Spite
Igniting Derision So
Insistently Driven Since
Insidious Diatribe Seeks
Increasingly Determined Scapegoating,
Invoking Duff Suppositions,
In Desperately Shortsighted
Idiots Dithering, Signifying
Incredibly Dangerous Sophistry
Infinitely Dealing Some
Ingredient Drivel, Serving
In Delight Such
Inane Detrimental Shite
Inciting Dismal Service
In Denial’s Succour
Ignorantly Deigned, Successfully
Inviting Deathly Shame.

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