Independence for all!

What if we were to remember that we really are safer and stronger together? What if, instead of Scotland leaving the rest of us and, instead of at least half of England, in all directions on a compass, wishing it could move there, we were just to extricate ourselves – all our countries – from the commonly perceived and agreed cause: largely the hubris of the City, the Conservethemselves Party, half of Laborius and most of the Illiberal Undemocrats. And Yuckip, just for good measure.

What if we were to end their wrecking of our country/ies by sticking together and throwing them out properly? Westminster and the City could be partitioned – turned into an independent, sovereign state as befits their attitude, manner and blatant desire. We could build around them an agreed perimeter wall to designate their jurisdiction and cut our ties. The seat of regime acts as though it, alone, had sovereignty, monopoly and entitlement over moral and civil authority and economic aptitude so, let’s tell them where they can shove it. And that they can keep it, thanks. Independence for all!

Seeing as they’re so bent on lording it over everyone and everything, they could become something like the Vatican City State. The ‘In a State’, the ‘Fiat State’, the ‘Fat Cat City State’, say (just working titles) – with a different set of religious tenets: worship of and obedience to Profit, self-preservation, gluttony, hedonistic pilgrimage and no tithes. Similarly to the original, it could be supported financially by a variety of sources, including investments (read foreign/corporate), real estate income (mostly ditto) and donations from individuals (read lobbyists), dioceses (read Home Counties) and institutions (read corporations and think-tanks) and culturally supported by diplomatic missions (read jolly jaunts) and media outlets (read organ grinders and monkeys).

Yes, I know! Business as usual!

But not our business; not our responsibility; not our reputation; not our money, our honour, dignity and integrity; not our futures – our very lives. Not in our name.

The rest is but detail…

Cackle… 😉

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