There, under leaden skies
The people clung to life as
They bore witness to the strife
And devastation wrought
Since Man saw fit to wield
Advantage for Self-serving

There, through a scratched
And dirty lens were ill-conceived
The feudal realms wherein
Contained the Overwhelmed
By monsters with unfettered

All Time is there and now and
Then and here unto Eternity
Beheld until it is no time at all;
Stood restless still in space

There, Humankind arrived upon
The furthest, darkest rim where
Met its own corrupted, fetid yield
And cried from the Abyss:

“This is the limit of our Ignorance!

And there, by resonance and
Echoing, they turned and rushed
The barriers with Light and Love
And Knowing, where came
Flowing the Humanity they craved
To share and knew was always
Theirs; was always there.

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