“Can you bring the coleslaw?”

I could go for days
With just me
For company
And sometimes
Wish I could
Alone is good
No inspection
No rejection

Sitting in a room
When all is trivial
An endless stream
Of stuff that doesn’t
Matter to me –
Small talk in
Small doses please

“Can you bring the coleslaw?”
Did my shopping the day before.
Online. Lucky to cover more than
One aisle these days.


Cash and logistics
Shit: a physical trip
To Pesky Tesci’s

The kindness of a lift
Door to door
Someone to carry the
And an extra, along
For the ride.

The car park’s different
They’ve changed
The entrance, too
“Oh, it’s been like that
For ages”

Shuffle along
Older by thirty years
In the space
Of twenty minutes
Falling behind
Saving everyone
From embarrassment:

A tattooed- headed man
I’ve never met
Pulls along side
With an open smile
And honest eyes
“Would you like to lean
On my trolley?”

The joy of faith in
Human spirit re-
Both softens
And heightens
Lonely’s turn.

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